Women in the Outdoors is dedicated to providing interactive educational outdoor opportunities for women ages 13 and older. Local chapters throughout the nation conduct outdoor learning events featuring hands-on activities.

The Women in the Outdoors Program supports both hunting and non-hunting activities. All Women in the Outdoors members do not necessarily participate in the act of hunting; however it is our hope that through quality educational programs, all women attendees will form a better understanding of the importance that shooting sports, ethical hunting and scientific wildlife management go hand in hand in our ongoing conservation efforts.



The 2017 WITO Event will feature 29 different instructional classes, seminars and activities. All of our classes are designed with the beginner in mind (unless otherwise noted). Come and enjoy a fun day with friends and other Women in the Outdoors!

Upcoming WITO Events & Seminars

WITO Archery Day

Sunday January 28, 2018
10:00am to 1:00pm
Archery Plus - 107 North Spencer Rd - Spencer, MA
Cost: $20 (includes equipment, instruction & refreshments)

Description: Join us for a Day of archery fun & instruction!
This event is for shooters of all abilities.

Ages 12+. 

Personal Instruction will be available.
Pre-Registration is required.  This class is limited to 25 participants.

You may bring your own  archery equipment if you have it.

For more information please contact:
Jen Ford: 508-340-9120 / jford9900@gmail.com

Keith Fritze: 774-272-1274 / kfritze@charter.net

2017 Class List

            Full Descriptions are at bottom of list

Archery 101

Fly-Fishing 101

Intro to Fly-Tying


Outdoor Photography

Intro to Handguns

Rifle Marksmanship


Turkey Hunting 101

Intro to Trapping

Game Processing

Basic Self-Defense

Wilderness First Aid

K9 First Aid

Wilderness Survival

Dutch Oven Cooking

Massachusetts LTC Certification

Knife & Hawk Throwing

Wild Mushroom Hunting

Vehicle Maintenance

Canning 101

Gun Shopping 101


Herb Gardening

Intro to Fishing


Disaster Preparedness / Prepping

Paracord Crafts

Archery 101: Learn about the fun sport of archery. You will learn the different parts of a bow and techniques on how to shoot in this hands-on class.

Intro to Fishing:  Learn basic fishing techniques and practice in our pond

Fly Fishing 101: Learn fly-fishing techniques from a professional and practice in our pond!

Intro to Fly-Tying: Learn the basics of fly-tying and tie flies to take home with you.

Beekeeping: This class will show you how to maintain a colony of bees throughout the year. Also learn how to use beeswax to make fun crafts.

Trap-Shooting: Learn how to wingshoot clay pigeons from our expert instructors.

Outdoor Photography: This class covers techniques for capturing nature in your photos. The focus of the class will be composition and picture taking skills. Don't forget to bring your own camera to put your newfound skills to the test.

Intro to Handguns: Basic handgun skills will be presented. Learn how to load and unload a handgun safely. You will be instructed on the types of guns and ammunition. Then take your skills to the practice range.

Rifle Marksmanship: Learn to shoot rifles and the fundamentals of marksmanship skills. Join us for fun and action on the firing range!

Woodsmanship: Want to learn what to look for when you're walking or hunting in the woods? Learn to interpret animal sign and different types of flora. Become a skilled traveler in the woods.

Turkey Hunting 101: Learn turkey hunting techniques for the spring & fall seasons. Basic hunting skills, calls and safety will all be part of this class

Intro to Trapping: Learn the basics of trapping. Whether it is to address human wildlife conflict issues or to take furbearers during the statewide trapping season, you'll learn about the equipment and techniques needed to get started.

Game Processing: You've got your game (Be it Fur, Fin or Feather).  Now what do you do with it? Learn how to process mammals, fish & fowl in this informative hands-on class.

Basic Self-Defense for Women: Learn the basics of defending yourself in the case of an attack.

Falconry:  Learn about the 5000 year old sport of falconry. In this class you will learn about trapping the birds, housing, equipment, training, and exams. Gain an understanding of all the things required to be a falconer.

Wilderness Survival: Learn how to be prepared to help yourself and others if the need arises. You will learn the rubrics of survival needs; building effective fire lays and debris shelters, and know what to pack and how to use it! Also learn emergency first aid techniques.

Dutch Oven Cooking: Food always tastes better when it’s cooked outside. Don’t go hungry in the outdoors! This session covers methods, equipment and recipes to make delicious meals & snacks.

Massachusetts License to Carry Certification: (Counts for 2 classes). This course will teach the basic skills, knowledge and attitude necessary for owning and using a pistol safely. This certificate class will allow you to apply for your Massachusetts License To Carry Firearms.

Knife/Hawk Throwing: Learn the skills and techniques necessary to participate in the primitive sport of knife & tomahawk throwing. Our expert instructors will teach you all you need to know to get started in this fun family sport.

Wild Mushroom Hunting:  Learn how to hunt & gather the edible wild mushrooms one might find in the New England outdoors.

Canning 101: Learn the basics of the waterbath method and pressure canning methods of food preservation.

Gun Shopping 101: Want to learn how to pick out the right firearm for you? Choose the right handgun, shotgun or rifle for a variety of uses.

Herb Gardening: Learn how to plant & maintain a garden full of delicious and nutritious herbs.                   
Birdwatching: Learn the basics of bird watching and identification with our experienced instructor.

Disaster Preparedness:  Learn how to keep you and your family prepared with supplies and knowledge in the event of an emergency or natural disaster.  Planning may require you to either stay at home or flee from your home, participants will get a brief overview of what you should keep ready in either event. 

Wilderness First Aid: Learn how to handle an emergency situation when you are away from civilization

Vehicle Maintenance: Want to learn how to change your oil or change a tire by yourself? Maintain your vehicle’s fluids and maintenance schedule? This class is for you.

Paracord Crafts: Learn how to make a survival bracelet out of paracord, and how to use it in an emergency situation. 

K9 First Aid: What do you do if your dog is injured in the field? Learn how to respond in case of an emergency.